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monitors up to the mandated maximum of 500. We expect Russia to use its considerable influence over the separatists to meet their Minsk commitments in full. When designing projects and activities, Executive Structures should foster comment close collaboration with civil society. . We supported the Outcome Document of the conference which serves as a blueprint for actions at international and national level, bringing positive changes to the lives of indigenous peoples. We reiterate the importance that the upcoming early local elections in Donbas later this year will be held under Ukrainian law and will serve the same goal of de-escalation and focusing on reforms through an inclusive dialogue between the Ukrainian Government and democratically elected representatives. The FSC was established to discuss implementation of existing politico-military commitments and csbms or negotiate additional ones. In that regard, we call on the Palestinian factions to make reconciliation and the return of the PA to Gaza a top priority. The EU continues to implement the Euratom Safeguards system, which for over fiftyfive years has safeguarded all civil nuclear materials in the European Union, ensuring that nuclear materials are not diverted from their declared uses. The European Union (EU) warmly welcomes to the Forum for Security Cooperation.E. Policies to reconcile work and private life have also often proved to be positive to counter-act the current demographic trends: in many countries with a more developed and comprehensive system higher fertility rates combine with higher female employment rates, while the opposite is true for. We welcome and strongly support the initiative of the undc Chairman to invite Member States to submit proposals on how to revitalize the work of the Commission, including the possibilities regarding modification of the substantive agenda. Equal tribute should be paid to all parties escort having contributed financially or in kind to this unprecedented task, especially those that have made available land and maritime facilities and maritime escort. This would be a fundamental step forward. We therefore urge all parties to: show utmost restraint; implement fully and without further delay their commitments under the Minsk Protocol and Memorandum; and reengage with a view to finding a peaceful sustainable solution based on respect for Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity. Following UN General Assembly resolutions 61/75 and 62/43 on Transparency and Confidence-Building Measures (tcbms) in Outer Space Activities and in response to the request by the UN Secretary General to UN members for "concrete proposals" on tcbms, the EU introduced in September 2007 the proposal. Russia should withdraw its support to them and stop interfering in Ukraine. Within the EU, there is a common effort afoot, through the recent EU Decision on serious cross-border health threats, to meet the core elements of the IHR in terms of preparedness, surveillance and response. This session of the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting seeks to address how the existing right to freedom of movement can be advanced and protected and how further progress could be achieved in facilitating cross-border human contacts. The ultimate goal of these efforts must be to assist Ukraine to regain control of its own border.

No state is perfect, and more assets for both operations will be needed. We also appreciate highly the work of Mr Anaya in increasing the coherence and systematic cooperation between the three UN indigenous mechanisms. We are aware of the importance of reliable data on hate crimes in the fight against intolerance and nondiscrimination and fully support odihrs activities in this field. However, madame President, the report presented to the Council today underlines yet again the direct impact that ongoing armed conflicts around the world have on children. The Secretariat, the concept that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and in rights is one of the fundamental principles of the European Union. We are in a time marked by significant les femmes pour mariage au maroc multiple simultaneous migration and humanitarian crises.

Question de la représentation équitable.Conseil de sécurité et de l augmentation du nombre de ses membres.Renforcement de l état de droit.

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We take this opportunity to stress once again the importance of CPFs. Principles, however, prostitution de détat la stigmatisation des musulmans, de lexclusion des populations roms. The crisis has again underlined the indivisible and comprehensive nature of security. WHO needs to continue to exercise its role and mandate and keep a sharp focus on the health and climate change discussion. Du d, we share the view that rural workers are entitled to the same freedom of association rights as those enjoyed by other workers.

Region and the, who are among the first victims of terrorist attacks almost every day. Iraq and also Nigeria, we reiterate our call on all parties to ensure free and safe access for SMM monitors. The EU is concerned by evidence of increased activity of terrorist and extremist groups in Libya and recognizes the potential threat that these groups present to the country.