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Member States to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms for all individuals, regardless of race, national origin, age, religion, political opinion, disability, sex and sexual orientation and to ensure effective, fair and humane national criminal justice systems. A higher level of female labour market participation prostituée asiatique val de marne is an essential source for enhancing our growth potential and to meet demographic challenges (Council conclusions on the 2014 Annual Growth Survey and Joint Employment Report, March 2014). This makes the EU and its Member States the leading donor in this area. Ownership at appropriate levels will be of key importance for the implementation of the framework. Peace will remain elusive in Syria, so long as impunity reigns. Furthermore, the inclusion of child protection provisions in the mandates of peace operations and mandatory pre-deployment training on child protection for all UN troop and police contingents are crucial measures to ensure the effective protection of children on the ground. In the 1990 Copenhagen Document, the States also affirmed that freer contacts among their citizens are important in the context of the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms. We call for their right to participate in the election process to be fully respected and facilitated and for the freedom of movement of voters. We are committed to providing concrete and sustainable assistance to victims, their families and communities. We welcome the further strengthening of the iaea Safety Standards during the reporting period, in particular through the revision of the six Safety Requirements submitted to this Board. Many persons are still deprived of their liberty. The EU is committed to further strengthening international efforts aimed at the promotion of freedom of expression and welcomes the UN new special procedures mandate on the right to privacy. The EU remains equally concerned by the human rights consequences of the ongoing and increasingly intense fighting in Eastern Ukraine and continues to strongly condemn the illegal annexation of Crimea. The specific needs of women, girls, boys and men must be adequately addressed. The Wassenaar Arrangement Elements for Objective Analysis concerning Potentially Destabilising Accumulations of Conventional Weapons are consistent with the EU Users Guide on the implementation of the Common Position on the control of exports of military technology and equipment. We call on all Syrian parties to show clear and concrete commitment to such a political process and we urge those with influence on the parties, and notably on the Assad regime, to put pressure on them to end all violence and to engage constructively. We would also encourage a training and knowledge management plan where experiences from those who participated as inspectors of the Exercise can be recorded and used to shape future training cycles. The re-establishment of the Informal Working Group to assist in developing a Programme of Work and the structured discussions under the Schedule of Activities allowed for constructive and open debate. On the issue of children's rights, the EU remains concerned by the high number of Palestinian children held in detention by Israel and by continuing reports of ill treatment during the arrest, transfer and interrogation of child detainees in the West Bank. We reiterate our strong condemnation of the shelling of residential areas and convey our deepest condolences to the families of the victims. The issue of migration was discussed by EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Interior in a joint meeting last Monday. We join the osce Chairman and Ambassador Apakan in calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities and support efforts to secure a local ceasefire that would allow for delivery of humanitarian aid to civilians. The European Institute for Gender Equality, an independent EU agency established in Vilnius, aims at supporting the EU institutions and the EU member states in promoting gender equality and gender mainstreaming. We believe such meetings are of crucial importance and we appreciate the agreement reached on steps to improve the safety of journalists, promote professional, ethical standards and build solidarity. We might also wish to make proposals aiming at changes in the structure of the document that would allow taking into account the diversity of the phenomenon of informal economy. The EU has addressed a letter to the Director-General informing him of the aforementioned possibility and requested him to demarche the Syrian authorities to this effect. We are looking forward to an exchange of views on how the osce could improve its activities in this regard. We thank you and the PTS for preparing this meeting, and the Executive Secretary for his opening remarks. We regret that they could not take place in the illegally annexed Autonomous Republic of Crimea and City of Sevastopol and were seriously disturbed by illegal armed groups in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. President, I have the honour to take the floor on behalf of the EU and its MemberStates.

We welcome efforts ans to train field mission staff in mediation skills and dialogue facilitation. The EU and its Member escort States commend the Secretariat for its work and involvement at various levels. It is imperative to avoid any reescalation of hostilities. And the numbers are further increasing in 2015.

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We would like to convey the following main observations. Including in all parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts as well as along the UkrainianRussian state border. The focus baise on effective implementation will be vital for the success of the new framework. Sustained efforts are needed to start restoring trust and confidence in the osce area which are severely challenged by the illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian Federation. The objective of the Agenda is to rebuild trust in the European Unionapos. We once again call on all parties to ensure free and safe access for monitors and UAVs throughout Ukraine. This remains very true until this day. Shrinking carte natural resources may exacerbate tensions and potentially lead to conflict and. Entities and bodies subject to restrictive measures as set out in the Annex to Decision 2014145cfsp. To displacement, to use their influence to assist with this and to publicly call for their release at the highest political level.

The EU looks forward to being an active and constructive partner in taking the NCD agenda further.The process leading to a peaceful transition of power should be based upon broad consensus, avoiding any step that could hamper this process.Therefore such guidelines should be constantly reviewed to assure they continue to address current proliferation challenges.

The European Union commends the Chairmanship for having selected such a relevant issue as the topic for this shdm. The EU proposal to use the Syrian" Also in the context, to this end represents a positive move in this respect. In line with founding osce principles and agreed norms. Frozen asset" we note with deep concern that Nadia Savchenko is seriously ill after more than 40 days of hunger strike to protest the terms of her detention. The EU therefore reiterates the need to hold perpetrators of violations and abuses to account. For presenting an update to the Human Rights Council and for your exemplary proactive and vocal role during your mandate which has immensely contributed to the strengthening of the human rights pillar of the.